Hello there! I’m Olav van der Doorn, an architect based in Wageningen, Netherlands, and the founder of xlxs architects and texturize. My expertise lies in parametric design, with a particular focus on the intersection of design and robotic production processes, including milling and 3D printing. I graduated from Delft University of Technology, where I studied Architecture with a specialization in Design to Robotic Production.

My approach to architecture revolves around the concept that form follows information, leading to a transformative shift in the role of architects. This shift provides a newfound freedom to architecture and transforms the field into a more efficient process from design to production.

Throughout my academic journey and previous work at Studio RAP, I have honed my skills in building with CLT (cross-laminated timber) and other bio-based materials. Additionally, I’ve delved into the realm of robotic 3D printing technology, specifically for ceramic facades. My proficiency in computational design and BIM (Building Information Modeling) equips me to tackle complex projects, enabling me to design and draw in a digitally variable environment. This approach broadens possibilities and optimizes design outcomes, setting the stage for a future in architecture that embraces new styles, functionalities, and production methods. And as they say, the future starts today.

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